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We offer the ultimate that every student deserves

Safe Campus


A safe campus encourage fearless mind.

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Security Guards
  • Fire Compliance


To create a love of reading in the path of academic excellence, the school provides a well-stocked library to its students.

Learning Terraces

Our learning Terraces allow our students and teachers to come out of the four walls of the classroom to make the teaching-learning experience more fun and innovative.


                                     Smart classes

To understand anything visual classroom is very important. Therefore a learning space is developed which have flexible seating arrangement and audio-video facilities for effective learning.

                                                MATH LAB

It is place where Students do experiment and activities with numbers and shapes to generalize patterns, explore new design and mathematical activities. It enhance the numerical and visual reasoning ability of the children.

                                          COMPUTER LAB

Welcome to our school's computer lab page! Our computer lab is a modern, well-equipped facility that provides students with access to the latest technology and software. We have a range of devices, including desktops, laptops, and tablets, that are available for students to use during their classes or study sessions. Our computer lab is also used for online assessments and research projects, providing a secure and monitored environment for online activities. The lab is staffed by knowledgeable IT professionals who can assist students with any technical issues they may encounter. We strive to provide a safe, collaborative, and inclusive learning environment for all students in our computer lab.


A cafeteria is a beautiful place where little kids and teachers can bond and enjoy their meals.